Witness Preparation

The robust witness preparation practice at Barton Gilman is focused on helping witnesses provide compelling, believable trial and deposition testimony. Witness preparation consultant Pamela Slater Gilman, an active and respected Barton Gilman trial lawyer, leads the practice.

Our witness preparation team is known throughout the legal community for its thorough preparation of witnesses appearing at trials, with a focus on business and healthcare professionals.

Pam has tried and won over 70 trials by persuading juries that her medical professional clients did not commit malpractice. During the course of her career, she has prepared countless witnesses for trial and deposition testimony.

Attorneys defending professionals in lawsuits know that the testimony provided by their clients can mean the difference between winning and losing a case. They trust and rely upon our attorneys to coach their clients on winning techniques.

Our witness preparation lawyers take the time to assess the demeanor and phraseology of witnesses, as well as their personality and mental makeup. Our goal is to find out what makes a witness “tick” so we can help that person be more relaxed, confident and trustworthy to jurors. It’s vital that witnesses be likeable and someone jurors would trust with their own business or health issues.

Based upon our years of success in the courtroom, our attorneys are highly experienced at educating professionals about who will be evaluating them as witnesses and what they will be evaluating. We help witnesses deliver the kind of testimony that’s essential to winning jury trials.

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