Probate Administration + Litigation

We represent and advise families with regard to their elderly parents, deceased relatives, minor children, and adult children. A primary area of our practice is in the field of decedent estates and Probate Litigation. Upon the death of a family member, your foremost concern is to bring closure to the legal and financial affairs of a loved one.

Our attorneys and staff endeavor to commence the probate process, file all necessary documents including the decedent tax return, transfer title to real estate, bank accounts, motor vehicles, bonds, stocks, annuities, life insurance policies and other estate assets. We pride ourselves in the expeditious completion of probate and distribution of assets.

Finally, in the event of a dispute, our firm provides full representation for litigation in local probate courts or the Connecticut Superior Court. We practice before all probate courts in all municipalities.

We know the toll these matters can take on a family. We are always sure, therefore, to work both for and with our clients and to keep them informed of all material events occurring in their cases. We combine compassion with action, to assist our clients in the expeditious resolution of all matters at issue.

In this ever-changing area of law, our team will keep abreast of all legislative changes that may affect our clients.

Our attorneys will represent your family in the following:

  • Title XIX Planning and Applications
  • Conservatorships
  • Representation of Incompetent or Incapacitated Individuals
  • Probate Administration
  • Decedent Estates
  • Probate Litigation
  • Will Challenges
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