Family Law

The break-up of a marriage is highly emotional and difficult. Dividing marital assets, determining child custody and support, and resolving spousal support alimony can lead to turmoil for divorcing couples and their children. Working with an experienced family law attorney during this difficult time can help you minimize any bitter fallout by focusing instead on resolving the key issues in order to reach a fair end result. Barton Gilman’s family law practice, led by Rui P. Alves, is experienced in all facets of Rhode Island and Massachusetts family law. Our family law attorneys anticipate the various nuances each divorce presents, and negotiate the critical terms of a divorce agreement that fully protect the interests of our clients. Divorce cases cannot be always resolved through negotiations, however. With extensive courtroom experience, our family law attorneys effectively litigate matters in court when necessary.

Contact Rhode Island and Massachusetts family law attorney Rui P. Alves at 888-273-9903 or for a free initial consultation about your legal rights. A native of Portugal, he speaks fluent Portuguese and Spanish.

Our family law attorneys handle all aspects of domestic relations law, including:

  • Divorce
  • Property Settlements
  • Child Custody
  • Child Support
  • Alimony
  • Paternity
  • Post-divorce proceedings

We have helped divorce clients in Rhode Island and Massachusetts achieve their goals and objectives. Matters we have successfully resolved on behalf of clients include:

  • Rhode Island Custody/Relocation: Father who lives in Africa obtained full custody of his minor son after the boy’s mother had passed away, and relocated his son from Rhode Island to Africa
  • Rhode Island Child Support: After a court hearing, mother obtained child support based on father’s real income, not low income he was claiming
  • Rhode Island Child Support: After a court hearing, father was incarcerated for failing to pay child support
  • Massachusetts Child Custody/Support: After successfully obtaining a guardian ad litem, mother was allowed to relocate to Rhode Island, was awarded sole legal custody of a minor child, and father was ordered to pay child support
  • Massachusetts Child Custody/Support: Following trial, two minor children were allowed to relocate to Rhode Island with their father, even though mother, who was ordered to pay child support, had physical custody of children in Massachusetts
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What Our Clients Say

In a very emotional and scary time in my life, attorney [Rui] Alves was very helpful, considered and informative. He explained and guided me through the process as I was scared to lose my children. If you want to sit down with an honest and trustworthy lawyer, attorney Alves is the person for you.