Businesses have varying legal and planning needs during their life cycle. Barton Gilman attorneys help clients develop and assess business opportunities, and proactively address challenging legal issues they face. We also help companies manage their risks and litigation concerns. Our number one goal is always the same: Help clients effectively and efficiently achieve their business goals.

General Corporate Counsel

We counsel start-ups, small and mid-size businesses on a wide array of corporate law matters, including strategic choice of business entity, obtaining funding, and business succession planning. We serve as general corporate counsel to business entities – including corporations, limited liability companies, partnerships, limited partnerships, limited liability partnerships and professional corporations. We routinely conduct risk management and insurance audits to ensure businesses have fully addressed their insurance coverage needs.

Business Disputes

Barton Gilman over the years has built a renowned litigation practice. Whatever business dispute you might face – such as a breach of contract, employment discrimination claim or general liability claim – our litigation team has the experience and skills to go toe-to-toe with opponents in negotiations and in the courtroom. Our litigation experience increases our capacity to anticipate and defuse disputes, helping clients achieve their business goals before litigation expenses start to climb.

All businesses from time to time face employment law challenges. Our employment attorneys helps companies effectively address employment discrimination claims filed by employees in court and administration agencies. We help companies create, implement and update employment policies, and ensure compliance with the myriad federal and state employment statutes and regulations. Our employment law team also counsels employers in collective bargaining.


A critical piece of successful business planning and financial security is a solid insurance program that provides the right level of risk management for the real world. Our insurance law group knows that what you really need is to be insured in the right areas of exposure, and to be sure you have the coverage you need when things do go wrong.

The expertise of a good insurance broker is critical. As your attorneys, however, we are not trying to sell you an insurance product. Our only job is to work with you and your insurance professionals to assess the risks that you need to manage, and to ensure that your insurance program meets your needs. Moreover, our decades of experience in insurance coverage disputes means that if an insurance carrier fails to meet their obligations to your business when it matters most, we will be right there to help you enforce your rights.

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