School Choice Voice

The School Choice Voice is where education reformers connect, collaborate, and engage in discourse around the changing landscape of public schools all in an effort to support better opportunities for kids, particularly those that have been historically disadvantaged. Our efforts are coordinated by Matt Plain, a teacher-turned-attorney and partner at Barton Gilman. Barton Gilman serves public schools of various shapes and sizes from Massachusetts to Maryland.

Barton Gilman, with its significant geographic reach, is connected to a vast array of participants in the education reform movement. Interestingly, at Barton Gilman we continue to learn that, though we are connected and have access to these reformers, these reformers are not necessarily connected to each other.  To address this, we’ve created the School Choice Voice ecosystem, consisting of our podcast, social media group, blog, and newsflashes. Our flagship podcast catalyzes this online community’s emergence, engaging listeners, contributors, commentators, and guests in a unified School Choice Voice goal: facilitating informed discussion about school choice and supporting better opportunities for kids from all economic, societal and racial backgrounds.

For questions, inquiries or more information about the School Choice Voice community, please contact Matt Plain at (401) 273-7171.