Plain quoted in ProJo article on Leadership RI alumni view of direction of Rhode Island

PROVIDENCE (Jan. 8, 2015) – Matt Plain was recently quoted in the Providence Journalconcerning the outlook of Rhode Island leaders on the direction of Rhode Island at the outset of 2015.

The publication asked alumni of Leadership Rhode Island, including Plain, to assess whether Rhode Island is on the right track. Despite various challenges facing Rhode Island, Plain said he has observed a growing optimism: “The conversation has changed to what’s going right instead of what’s going wrong.”

The article focused on findings in a survey recently conducted by Starr Opinion Research on behalf of Leadership Rhode Island, which compared results with a similar survey taken in 2010.

According to the Journal, more people think the state is on the right track than think it’s headed in the wrong direction, in stark contrast to four years ago, when the survey of Leadership Rhode Island alumni found that eight times as many of them thought wrong direction instead of right track.

Plain is a graduate of the 2013 Leadership Rhode Island Iota II class.

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