Connor quoted in article on legal ramifications of new service allowing senders to ‘un-send’ email

BOSTON (July 28, 2014) – Frank Connor was quoted in an article in Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly analyzing the potential ramifications for the legal profession of a new service that allows individuals to “un-send” emails.

The service, Pluto Mail, allows users to un-send or “claw back” sent emails while using their existing email accounts with Outlook, Gmail and similar services.

In the article appearing in the July 21 issue, Connor observes that if it becomes more common to have the capability to claw back an email to mitigate inadvertent disclosure, it could be considered part of the best practices for running a legal office.

“It might be considered so basic — like the encryption of email or password protection — that it can be a source of exposure if we don’t have it and we can’t do it,” Connor says in the article.

Connor, an experienced trial and appellate attorney in federal and state courts in Massachusetts and Rhode Island, also notes in the article that courts may treat a retrieved email as an inadvertent disclosure that does not waive the attorney-client privilege.

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