What sets us apart

Barton Gilman LLP is different from the inside out, and that equates to value-laden service for our clients.

Barton Gilman’s core philosophy is that all clients are clients of the firm, not individual attorneys. Why is this important? Because this business model yields tremendous benefits for our clients. Unlike so many law firms, our lawyers do not “claim” clients individually. Rather, as a firm, we scrupulously match the right attorneys with the right clients based on the client’s needs, the attorney’s level of experience, and our collective commitment to deliver efficient and effective solutions to each legal problem we confront. Our clients can rest assured that they will work with those attorneys best-suited to handle their cases.

Another key facet of our client service model is that clients get hands-on partners and associates to work directly on their matters. Clients always know that they can reach us and get answers without delay. Barton Gilman attorneys genuinely collaborate with each other to share resources and talent to best serve clients. Our lawyers truly work as a team, and our entire team of attorneys has the depth of skills and experience to help you solve your litigation challenges. This allows us to deftly handle cases and deliver the kind of value clients expect and deserve.

Barton Gilman is also different from the inside out in another extremely important way. Unlike other law firms, our firm management is open to all of our attorneys. This internal transparency assures that all of our attorneys are business savvy – just what businesses want and need from their lawyers when their individual or company’s interests are at stake. Clients benefit from each of our lawyers’ understanding of the practicalities of running a business, and that’s what our team delivers to you.